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[New DanganRonpa V3] Koyomi Kyure by Evaly-Chan [New DanganRonpa V3] Koyomi Kyure by Evaly-Chan
Edit: Since I made my own killing game... Koyomi will survive during V3 (my killing game is after's like a V4 lol) 

This beautiful sprite of my child was made by the great and fabulous Kanmii !!! 
She's amazing, go watch her :heart: 

Okay... I wanted to make her character sheet for a long time... but I didn't play the game and I was too tired XD
I'm still on chapter 4, so, heh, I'll finish her story later ;3 

I'll try to write in English...but I'm not really good at it lol 
So, sorry for the wrong grammar etcetera ^^'''


[First Name] Koyomi
[Surname] Kyure
[Talent] Ultimate/SHSL Historian 
[Age] 16 years old?
[Birthday] 23 October
[Height] 162cm 
[Weight] 51 kg
[Chest Size] 79cm 
[Blood Type] AB

[Likes] Historical Stuff
[Dislikes] Dirty Jokes
[Family] Unnamed little sister // Parents
[Voice] Yuuki Takada

[Statut] Alive
[Participated] Killing School Semester 
[Fate] Survivor
[Affiliation] Ultimate Academy of Gifted Juveniles

[About her talent]
People thinks historian's work is the same as a detective... This is kinda true because the two of them are searching the truth behind something.
While detectives gather clues to find a culprit, a historian gathers sources to explain something which happened long time ago.
Because of this, Koyomi is quite helpful during investigations. Collecting informations is her job after all!
Historians, like lawyers, have to be unbiased in their works. In fact, Koyomi is very calm and composed during trials... She never lets her feelings take control of her and helps her friends to find the guilty.... But after the trial, her emotions explode.


Sweet / Caring / Clever / Passionate / Protective / Responsible / Helpful / Depressed / Anxious / Emotive / Stubborn / Weak / Rancorous

Koyomi acts like a sort of big sister for the group. Always trying to help everyone... even the people she doesn't like that much.
At first, she looks like a calm and mysterious person....but when you get to know her, she isn't mysterious at all! It's pretty easy to know how
she feels... except during trials... She smiles and laughs when she is happy, cries when she's sad, gets angry when people make fun of her friends...
Well, we can say Koyomi is a very "human" person. 

Unfortunately, she suffered of depression which makes her emotions switch pretty quickly sometimes...
This "illness" was getting worse and worse in every chapters of the game making her pretty weak and sort of guilty. 
She wanted to protect and save see them growing up in happiness....but this game was stronger than her and took away all the people she cared about... 

In her free-times events, she said she was already depressed and had insomnia problems before the killing game.
She also said she cared so much for the student from this killing game because they made her happy... they are precious for her... (she although thanked Saihara in her last free-time for staying by her side during this horrible game)


...Under Construction....


Bullet; Red (love interest)
Bullet; Purple (close friend)
Bullet; Blue (friend)
Bullet; Green (acquaintance)
Bullet; Yellow (dislike)
Bullet; Black (enemy)
Bullet; White (mixed feelings)

~Canon Characters~
(her relationships descriptions are quite shorts...I'll try to make them longer when I'll finish the game)

-Bullet; Purple Kokichi Ouma-
Koyomi and Kokichi had a sort of brother/sister relationship... In the first two chapters, they argued a lot.... but... they didn't seem to hate each others at all...Their fights looked like simple bickering between two siblings. Throughout the chapters, Koyomi grew more and more attached to the small supreme leader. She actually even helped and protected him a lot of time. She also found Ouma's personality pretty interesting and wanted to know more about him...

-Bullet; Purple Kaito Momota-
Koyomi needed someone like Kaito to survive in this killing game. Someone who could cheer her up when she needed it....Someone who could make her smile... Someone who could make her want to fight and stay alive... Well... let's say they're good friends! Koyomi loved to spend time with him... The astronaut's cheerful personality was really important to her. If Momota wasn't here...she would probably killed herself after the second chapter.

-Bullet; Blue Kiibo-
The robot was one of the people who Koyomi protected the most. She found him so precious and kinda adorable. She always talked to him politely and always congratulated him when he did something to help the others. Just....nobody touch Kiibo when Koyomi is around... she can be dangerous when you hurt her precious cinnamon rolls (oh wait-)

-Bullet; Blue Gonta Gokuhara-
Koyomi's cinnamon roll number two! Koyomi didn't find his look frightening at all and talked to him normally. The way he acted and his passion for bugs melted the historian's heart... He was too cute for her own good. Of course, Koyomi didn't have any problems with bugs so it was easy for her to find a good conversation topic to talk with Gonta. 

-Bullet; Green Rantaro Amami-
They....didn't interact a lot... but Koyomi found him pretty cool. They spent some times together in the library... Rantaro thought Koyomi was quite funny when she talked with so much passion about the book she was reading. 

-Bullet; White Korekiyo Shinguji-
Koyomi had mixed feelings about Korekiyo. She was intrigued by his talent and showed a lot of respect for his work. She could spend hours talking with him about anthropology and never found him weird or something like this...Actually, she found him pretty attractive. Sometimes, she blushed when he complimented her... Koyomi wasn't accustomed with compliments so receiving some compliments from a "handsome" guy is difficult to manage. 
But, she stared hating him after the third trial... He killed Angie and Tenko... Koyomi's precious friends...
Before his execution, Kiyo said he wanted to kill Koyomi instead of Tenko at first... Making her feel guilty about Tenko's death. 

-Bullet; Red Ryoma Hoshi-
The small tennis player was someone pretty important to Koyomi. They spent a lot of time together... well... just because Koyomi followed him everywhere to know more about him. Since their first meeting, she wanted to help him... to see him smile... to see him fight to stay alive. 
The more she knew about him, the more she wanted to help him... Actually, she didn't know she sort of loved him... But when she saw him dead in this big aquarium, she felt broken. Why him? She wanted to spend more time with him... she wanted them to escape together and play tennis... 
After the second trial, she tried to "join" Ryoma, but Kaito and Tenko stopped her.

-Bullet; Purple Shuichi Saihara-
They stared to be really good friends after the second chapter. They understood each other so it's was pretty easy for the two of them to talk about what the felt. 
Koyomi tried her best to be very supportive and helped Saihara to gain more Kaito did. Because of their talents, they were a good team during investigations. 

-Bullet; Purple Tenko Chabashira-
Tenko is probably Koyomi's best friend between all the girls! Like Kaito, she cheered Koyomi up and tried to make her happy. Tenko was quite protective with Koyomi... she didn't like when she talked to "males". Since Koyomi like sports, Tenko taught her Aikido. She said it was to help her protect herself...but all the training's objective was to change Koyomi's mind. One night, when they were tired, Tenko said to Koyomi "if something happened to me, please protect Yumeno-san!" ...Koyomi kept her promise until her death in chapter five.

-Bullet; Blue Angie Yonaga-
Koyomi liked art and was pretty interest by it's normal for her to want to know more about the ultimate artist and her strange God. They became friends in the first chapter and Koyomi prayed with Angie a lot of time... and actually prayed for her after her death. During the third chapter, they sorta argued because of Angie's ideas and behaviors... Koyomi didn't agree at all with her rules and everything. She felt so bad when Angie died because she didn't apologize to her before her death....

-Bullet; Blue Himiko Yumeno-
Himiko is one of Koyomi's "cinnamon rolls". She actually reminded her of her little sister...the only person whose Koyomi cared about outside the academy. 
She liked to listened to her when she talked about magic... 
Her desire to protect the little magician got stronger after Tenko's death... Himiko was so sad... It broke Koyomi to see her like this. 

-Bullet; Blue Kaede Akamatsu-
They were good friends before Koyomi found out Kaede was planning to kill someone to find the person who was controlling Monokuma. She tried to stop her...without success... After this event, Koyomi stared to think she's weak. She sometimes thought of Kaede and her music... She kind of missed her...

-Bullet; Green Kirumi Tojo-
Koyomi respected the maid a lot! She did every tasks they asked her to do impeccably. She was truly an amazing women. Koyomi offered her help for some tasks like making food or cleaning up the rooms...but Kirumi always refused... When she found out Kirumi killed Ryoma, the historian felt betrayed. 
It hurt her that someone as amazing as Kirumi killed someone she cared about. But her respect for the maid never faded... thank to her noble motive.

-Bullet; Yellow Miu Iruma-
They...disliked each others! They fought a lot, and not in the same way as Ouma and Koyomi's bickering. They truly fought (not with hands but with words of course). The historian couldn't bear Iruma's dirty jokes at all and the way she talked to the others too! But, you know, Koyomi still found Iruma's works kind of interesting. She was still sad for her when she died.

-Bullet; Green Maki Harukawa-
They didn't talk very often... we're talking about Maki after all! But they seemed to tolerate each other company. They stared to talk more during chapter 3 (thank you Kaito /bang) but can't really call each other friends at all.... They aren't close enough...

-Bullet; White  Tsumugi Shirogane-
For unknown reasons... Koyomi had a hard time to bear Tumugi's company... Not that she hate her, but she distrusted her...
She wanted to know why but didn't want to be suspicious or something... so she hid it and tried to talk to her normally.

-Bullet; Black Monokuma and his children-
Do I have to say something? Of course she didn't like them! That's stupid! Why do I have to do a description?! 

-From chapter three, Ouma called her "Koyomi-nee-chan". She didn't know why...
-She's pretty athletic even if she doesn't look like it.
-She always hide her right eye with her eye patch... but Korekiyo actually saw it accident. He said her eye has a very beautiful color.
-She has a pretty good memory.
-She was supposed to be a tsundere at first...but I changed a personality when I stared playing the game.
-She makes a lot of reference about historical events (like Kaede does with piece of piano music)
-Lonnng time ago, I shipped her with Ouma... lol...
-She's not good at dancing.
-In chapter two, she suffered of anxious asphyxiation after she saw her little sister's video.
-I pictured her a lot of time with a rope around her neck as the symbol of her anxious asphyxiation and her "suicidal thoughts" (chapter 3 debut).
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Kaizoku-no-Yume Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Je suis en retard MAIS-
Monokuma (Blush) [V1] 
Ta petite est trop mignonne- cheveux blancs, mon point faible-
et comment elle a pu se faire tuer par momota-kun aaah mon coeur saigne je suis sur qu'il voulait pas /cry
Stop écrabouiller des gens momota-kun putain
Evaly-Chan Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017
Y'a pas de retard ici, tu viens quand tu veux-
En vrai, c'est tous (et toute lol) mes bae...mais Ryoma a tellement besoin d'amour omg ;;

Ah merci c'est gentil TvT ♡♡♡ (j'aime beaucoup les cheveux blancs aussi j'avoue /pan/)

Kaito voulait pas, je rassure ^^' c'est ma fille qui savais plus trop oú elle en était alors elle a proposé son aide à Kokichi pour foutre encore plus le bordel (imagine un procès oú on ne connait pas le la même le nombre de victimes en faite! /slap/)
XD cette presse en a vue des choses n'empêche (petite pensée pour Kiibo qui a faillit finir tout plat)
Kaizoku-no-Yume Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nan mais jusque là, j'aimais les persos de Danganronpa (tout les jeux i mean) mais d'une affection genre... je voulais les protéger quoi- j'avais mes petits chouchou certes-
Mais alors Ryoma
Le coup de foudre à été immédiat quand je l'ai vu sur la première illu où on voit tout le monde dans le gymnase mdr C'EST LUI L'ULTIME BAE !! :heart: Et mon état n'a fait qu'empirer au fil des free times mdr

Momota-kun... tant de morts sur ta conscience /cry
Nan mais Kiibo qui roule en dehors de la presse
J'ai eu tellement peur
Je me disais putain le racisme anti robot poussé à l'extrême même la presse elle l'a rejeté XD
Evaly-Chan Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017
Ah mais pareil! (Sauf Sayaka et Sonia lol)
Mais V3 ma littéralement achevé veux dire...c'est tellement chaud d'avoir des chouchous je les aime trop!
Les free times de Ryoma m'ont fait pleuré mdr
...nan mais en vrai j'suis trop protectrice avec lui! Y'a un pote qui se foutait de sa taille, je me suis énervée sur lui XD

Au final Momota n'aura que celle de Kokichi sur la conscience XD (je suis en train de préparer mon propre killing game et Koyomi y participe...du coup je dois la faire survivre dans V3 ;3 modifie sa fiche en rentrant lol)
Mon coeur s'est arrêté quand j'ai vu la presse descendre! XD
Le pauvre quoi X'D
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